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Connected. . .To a Country-Wide Network of Alternative Financing Sources

FinanSource will help you secure funds from one or more alternative financing sources to attain the most beneficial financing for your company.  Alternative financing sources are generally non-bank financial organizations that extend funding arrangements to businesses even when traditional banks are unwilling or unable to do so. These include niche banks, commercial finance companies, asset based lenders, factors, purchase order lenders, and other like sources.

Alternative financing sources help your business thrive by offering the following advantages:

  • Higher Tolerance for Risk – Seasonal fluctuations in financial performance or temporary setbacks are not as likely to impact borrowing capacity because alternative financing sources are more likely to balance cash flow concerns against collateral values. Many alternative financing sources will even provide Debtor in Possession (DIP) financing to businesses with qualified business plans.
  • Increased Responsiveness – Due to their generally independent nature and their lack of corporate bureaucracy and cumbersome committees, communications are often more direct from the decision makers at alternative financing sources.
  • Industry Specializations – Some alternative financing sources focus on particular industries and may provide greater insight into industry problems and issues that lead to more effective and beneficial credit relationships.
  • Flexibility – Many alternative financing sources are willing to provide financing facilities ranging from temporary cash infusions to long-term credit relationships.
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