December 2017

What Are Capital Budgets and How Can They Affect Your Business?


My bank won’t finance the equipment I need to grow my business without reviewing my financial statement projections and “Capital Budget.” Where do I get one of those?
Wouldn’t it be nice if we could just run down the block and purchase a capital budget that would satisfy the bank’s desire for additional information? […]

When My Bank Can’t Finance My Request, Why Would I Use a Loan Brokerage?


A broker can be defined as a third-party contractor whose job is to negotiate an equitable agreement between interested parties to a transaction. With such a broad definition, it is not surprising that brokers exist in many, if not most industries. Some of the more common brokers include stock brokers, <a [...]

I’m Taking All the Risk, It’s My Company! The Frustrations of Applying for a Business Loan


That’s a common reaction of many business owners who are frustrated with all the hassle of getting a bank business loan and complying with all the covenants and restrictions. In some respects, it’s understandable, after all, they personally guaranteed the loan and the bank has collateralized all the company and personal assets.

The lender views […]

May 2017

Mitigating Your Real Estate Risk


In the commercial finance industry, real estate is often considered a critical source of collateral value supporting a credit relationship. Whether real estate is used as a primary collateral component or a secondary one, a decrease in its value will increase the overall credit risk for the borrower.

Risk factors affecting real estate and how they […]

April 2017

Policies & Procedures – Important Risk Management Components


When looking for financing, borrowers must demonstrate to prospective lenders that they have excellent controls in their business capable of handling business issues as, or before, they arise.

Good policies and procedures are important risk management components for your company, whethere it is large or small. When evaluating your credibility as a prospective working capital borrower, it is […]