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Why would I need

  • You have an immediate financing need that is not being met by your current lender. With access to a multitude of alternative financing sources, FinanSource is the most efficient way of conducting a search for financing. FinanSource will screen prospective financing sources to offer you only serious lenders based on your criteria of terms and conditions while considering other factors including funds availability, industry preferences, turnaround time and financial condition.
  • You do not meet the minimum equity and/or financial performance standards of the more restrictive traditional lenders. FinanSource knows how to appeal to lending sources by searching for value in a company’s assets and identifying opportunities to enhance performance.
  • You need advice and guidance. Often, smaller companies lack the time, expertise, and financial resources to easily attract financing. FinanSource will visit your place of business to do the necessary legwork that will pre-qualify your company for the appropriate types of financing. FinanSource will help develop a loan presentation to attract the most competitive financing offers from the appropriate financing sources.

What type of company benefits most from FinanSource?

  • Companies desiring to take advantage of cash discounts on inventory purchases
  • Companies experiencing rapid growth that requires additional funds to support an increased investment in accounts receivables and inventory
  • Companies realizing a temporary financial setback
  • Companies experiencing seasonal cash flow difficulties as a result of seasonal inventory buildups and sales fluctuations
  • Companies acquiring new product lines or other businesses
  • Companies planning to fund research and development activities
  • Companies desiring to recapitalize their balance sheet to improve the match between borrowings and pledged collateral assets

Why use Inventory & Accounts Receivable Financing?

  • To avoid undesirable dilution of ownership equity and control
  • To avoid saddling your company with unnecessary or premature long-term debt
  • To obtain more operating cash than is usually available from other sources
  • To establish a continuous source of liquid working capital
  • To obtain operating cash on a flexible and elastic basis
  • To increase working capital turnover
  • To improve return on invested capital
  • To take advantage of profitable opportunities requiring additional cash
  • To protect and improve your credit ratings
  • To utilize technical assistance offered by specialized financing institutions when desired
  • To obtain large amounts of funds in emergency situations faster and easier
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