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FinanSource, LC Loan Procurement, Accounting & Networking Services
Help Your Company Grow & Thrive!

Loan Procurement

FinanSource, LC helps find financing to grow your business using the best terms and conditions available. After we carefully prepare a loan proposal and package, we solicit interest from a number of prequalified alternative financing sources that want to compete for your business. Once your financing arrangement is funded, FinanSource, LC fees are paid as part of the funding.

Internal Control Review

FinanSource, LC can independently review your company’s books and records to identify and correct internal control weaknesses that would impair your company’s ability to obtain needed funds. This service will help your company safely and confidently make financing decisions to help your business thrive and grow.

Accounting Support

Backed with extensive accounting and auditing experience, our experienced FinanSource, LC professionals can offer you and your company accurate short- or intermediate-term accounting support to establish processes and procedures for your company’s current and future health.

Business Networking

With years of experience helping small- and medium-sized businesses, FinanSource, LC can help you develop and leverage the professional services you need for legal counsel (including troubled tax payer issues), marketing services, accounting and tax expertise, insurance products, and other business services. Our network of trusted professionals can help your company achieve your dreams.

FinanSource, LC Helps Businesses Grow & Thrive
FinanSource, LC Helps Businesses Grow & Thrive
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