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Cost-Competitive. . .Terms & Conditions That Work for Your Business

FinanSource can find cost-competitive alternative financing that meets your terms and conditions.

There are many funding sources looking to invest in the right customer. Some of the funding sources are large institutional businesses, while others are individuals. Some lend funds and others make equity investments. Some only deal with minimum loans of $5 million and over, while others offer entrepreneurial loans starting at $100,000. Some provide only working capital loans, others prefer long-term equipment or mortgage financing, and still others provide all types of short-term and long-term financing.

Financing rates are different for each of these classes of funding sources, and they can vary greatly within each class of funding source. Your cost of financing will depend largely on the type and amount of risk the funding source believes is inherent in your business. The greater the risk, the greater the cost of financing.

FinanSource will identify those risks for your business and help you eliminate or mitigate them to obtain the most cost-competitive financing available.

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